Dunsborough Beachfront Accommodation

Dunsborough... the gateway to so many attractions

Eating and Drinking

Margaret River is renowned for its world class Wineries, fabulous Restaurants and Gourmet local produce ... in short, it's a 'foodies' delight.

With over 100 local Wineries, you're sure to find a great selection of Wine to please your palate. We have a large variety of top quality Restaurants, some with award winning Chefs and a range of local producers making everything from Cheese to Chocolate to Olive Oil.

Galleries & Crafts

Artists and crafts people find the south west region inspirational and as a result it has become a significant focal point for those who create. Their marvelous works of art speak for themselves.

The list of internationally and nationally acclaimed painters, jewellers, photographers, glass blowers and wood and metal working craftsmen is endless. Days can easily be spent wandering the artisan trail, exploring the many spectacular pieces of artwork. Visitors can stimulate the senses and explore their creative side.

The Beach life

We're very lucky to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful and unspoiled landscapes in the world.

A bounty of clean, uncrowded beaches with white sand and Crystal clear waters means we're ideally suited for a beach holiday or a few days in, on and under the water.


From the famous Longboarding break at Yallingup and working down the coastline through Smith Beach, Injidup all the way to Margaret River's famous "Car parks", there are plenty of quality waves on offer.

With different breaks suited to beginners, amateurs and the more hardy experienced surfers, you're almost guaranteed to find a few great waves during your stay.


If all that seems a little bit too much like hard work, then grab the Tinny, the Family or a few friends and head out onto Geographe Bay for a spot of fishing. There's plenty to catch and miles of open sea to explore and catch your dinner for that evenings' BBQ.


If catching fish isn't your style, head out with local Dive crew Cape Dive for an exciting underwater adventure on the HMAS Swan wreck. Sitting in 30m of calm water just off Eagle Bay, it's teeming with marine life and a must see for any divers holidaying in Dunsborough.

The Busselton Jetty, the longest in the Southern Hemisphere is similarly packed with life - the 100 year old supports covered in colourful soft corals, fish galore and Octopi, Squid and if you're lucky, the odd friendly Dolphin.

Busselton Jetty

Fancy a look at that wonderful marine life without even getting your feet wet - the Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory was made just for you - literally. Hop on the train for a fun ride out to the end, then enjoy a 45 minute guided tour down to the 8 metre depth, learn about the history of the Jetty and see the fish life up close and personal.

An excellent choice for all the family.


There's a large range of options, from exploring Ngilgi Cave in Yallingup where you can choose from the gentle guided tour or the Adventure caving tour to the fascinating Lake Cave, Mammoth Cave and Jewel Cave a little further down Caves Rd.

The Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse has some great walking tracks, in season you can spot Whales from the lookout and learn about the area's history in the information centre.


This South West region is famous for the beautiful natural environment, with hundreds of acres of National Park and walking tracks there's so much to see.

The Cape to Cape track which runs from Cape Naturaliste all the way to Augusta provides an opportunity to really see this regions beauty. Luckily, the track is split into shorter sections so you can choose easier walks ranging from an hour up to 5 or 6 for the more determined.